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Testimonials and Sharing:

As a "workaholic" who recently arrived in Israel, I recommend Nimrod. He combined our SUP race preparation (starting from zero) with mental training that helped me in business. Simultaneously, anecdotes from his windsurfing career add an important perspective to professional and personal life.

Wesley from Houston, Texas
Expert in Energy at Chevron Mediterranean

Nimrod's rich experience and professionalism in a competitive and individualistic field, combined with his ability to embrace spirituality and the calm and depth that the sea brings, and his willingness to give of himself, to pass on and truly teach all he has to offer, brings something very few instructors can provide. Nimrod's amazing ability to identify what hinders and what trips you up from reaching your goal.

Sharon Tal
Fashion Designer and Owner, Maskit

A lecture that is much more than inspiration.
Meeting Nimrod filled me with the strength to choose to continue climbing in my business and professional career with new and exciting insights.
How do I know that the word inspiration is not enough? Because the thoughts about the messages and the feelings that arose did not end after the lecture ended; they stayed with me for many days after Nimrod finished speaking, prompting me to continue reflecting on my journey that he illuminated.

Dr. Shai Tannenbaum

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