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Embrace the journey to your authentic self as we shatter old paradigms and stride towards the life you’re meant to lead.

Within you lies the power to grow and unearth new facets of your being.

There are two forces through wich we develop:

  1. Fear
  2. Awareness

The pivotal moment is now –

will you seize it?

If the desire to develop and break through burns in you…

It could happen right now!

About the Talk

The Spirit Of Success

In a riveting 60-minute odyssey, I'll navigate you through the tempestuous seas of my life. From an unconventional upbringing to conquering world stages, my story is one of resilience, loss, and ultimate triumph.
Discover the mental fortitude that earned me three world medals,
and the soul-searching that followed a shattering Olympic dream.
The difficult crises and the deep processes that changed my approach to life and achievements.
I'm looking for humains eager to transcend their limits. If you're yearning for growth and ready to embrace life's true essence.
Let's meet!

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Happiness and Fulfillment Aren’t Found on the Podium

It’s Sep 10, 2009. My body trembled with excitement. I gazed from the stage at the other participants and the audience, feeling the title ‘Vice world champion’ become more real with each passing moment.

Now the numbers confirm it, I can return with a medal from the Olympics. I am an ‘Olympic Hope’ the village where I grew up, friends, family, the country, now all depend on me to deliver them a moment of intense, life-greater excitement, a moment they can feel a part of.

On the podium, beneath the adrenaline, a sense of emptiness began to grow inside me, an abyss of fear, pain, and longing.

When I returned home, a grand celebration awaited me. Journalists and photographers waited alongside dozens of young children who looked up to me like a king. There, amidst the great commotion, I felt this gap opening between me and the world.

My ‘new role’ in the world distanced me from who I am. At times, I allowed my true self freedom, but mostly I remained loyal to the new character and role.

The greatest fear – disappointing everyone – is what now pushes me to new extremes. In this moment, cameras pointed at me like firing machines, the small crack opens, I break down, and the great pain I’ve locked away all my life bursts out, dismantling me in front of everyone

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