28 Years: A Spectrum of Life Experiences

At that point, I still didn’t realize that the essence of my future life’s work would revolve around this value.

It was a regular morning, sitting on the black couch in my home in Mikhmoret, when I first felt the magnitude of this revelation.

The day before, a friend had cautioned me about an unflattering headline making rounds on a major website: “Forget it if you haven’t seen it; it’s better to let it go,” she quickly tried to divert the topic.

Yet, curiosity led me to that “flattering” headline the next morning, which questioned my legacy as an athlete.

At that moment, on the black couch, I realized the essence of my actions today.

As a performer and mentor, I often return to this pivotal point: What’s the connection between my results and my deepest identity?

How do my achievements on the scoreboard weigh against who I am as a person?

כשאני חוקר הישגיות (כפרפורמר בעצמי וכמלווה משיגנים) אני תמיד שב לנקודת המפתח הזו.

מה הקשר בין התוצאות שלי לבין מי שאני במהות העמוקה?

כמה משקל יש להישגים שלי על לוח התוצאות עם האדם שאני?

28 Years.

Over these years, I’ve experienced highs and lows, grand losses and minor victories. love and separation, endless personal learning, and growth. לימוד עמוק אישי אינסופי.

To live with internal freedom in a world obsessed with achievement is almost derogatory.

Most achievement systems I’ve encountered drive people—employees, soldiers, athletes, students, you name it!

from fear – The outcome defines you in the world.

Your self-confidence and your right to walk tall are contingent… on the scoreboard!

That seemingly trivial moment on the couch (six years ago now) was crucial. I smiled inwardly and outwardly, a private victory amidst public failure, one of the most significant moments sports provided me, ironically around a colossal public failure.

Yuval Dayan’s Inspiring Stand The inspiration to write this post came amidst the chaos surrounding Yuval Dayan and her handshake with President Biden.

It’s fascinating how worlds with differing perspectives converge to create noise and a battle of worldviews.

On a personal level, Yuval is now gaining a tremendous personal leap, of that I’m certain.

Publicly, everyone can learn from this incident… Yuval stood before the President of the United States and remained true to herself. Sorry, but the majority would not have acted the same.

I don’t delve into matters of religion or secularism; it’s beyond my place, as everyone should choose the set of beliefs and values that keep them sane in this world.

The point that touched me the most was that Yuval stood tall before the whole world and remained upright even when half the country was angry about what she represented before the President of the United States.

The direct continuation of this is reflected in the video sent to her by the Americans…


Without intending to, they’ve already paved her next tour in the U.S.

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