The Spirit Of Success






When the Journey and the Destination Meet:

About the Lecture

Nimrod presents the lecture “The Spirit of Success” from a journey spanning two decades and from the unique perspective of someone who has been crowned the best in the world in his field, having won three consecutive World Championship medals in the years 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Nimrod’s passion for uncompromising excellence is conveyed through a life journey filled with personal upheavals and thrilling breakthrough moments, which led him to explore the realm of success and formulate profound insights and practical tools.

The lecture intertwines moments and situations where Nimrod analyzes and reveals the approach that propelled him to conquer the pinnacle of Olympic windsurfing and distills the principles and worldviews that will propel each individual toward their next level.

Key Topics:

Motivation & High performance

transforming fear into passion

breaking barriers

Managing Solitude in High Performance

What is Healthy Achievement?

Healthy Competition vs Destructive Rivalry

My mission is to offer individuals and organisation’s a proportional perspective and mental tools for coping with pressure, success, and failure, and above all, to reveal the truth behind the stage, the smiles, and the flashes of glorious moments.

Nimrod's Insights from Mental Coaching:

When I Win and When I Lose: The Inner Mechanism That Guides Me

crown 11
The solitude in moments of victory on the podium and in moments of defeat sent me to explore and understand the world of success and excellence. It was important for me to understand the inner mechanism that guides me through all this madness.

crown 11
I believe that everyone has the ability to conquer the "podium" of their life if they are willing to commit to a mentor and to a proven formula with uncompromising standards.

Testimonials and Sharing:

Nimrod Masiah

Table of achievements

Nimrod's Milestones in Olympic and Business Career


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