Media Appearances

Nimrod Masiah

From olympic windsurfer
to a successful lecturer

An in-depth interview about success, failure, life and essence!

Nimrod Mashiah: I am returning to compete in windsurfing

Exclusive: Three years after he retired, the surfer announces a comeback in an interview with ONE: "I went through a process, came to enjoy the journey"

The Masiah's Return

By: Uriel Daskal

I set out on a journey of discovery, it doesn't matter if there is an Olympic medal at the end

"I was a prisoner of a dream. For the first time in my life I made a pure, real choice"

"With victory comes responsibility"
The media and the press are powerful tools to influence the world

Success without history is partial success!

Throughout the career journey, I felt an obligation to submit my naked truth.

 I see this as an essential part of my level of success and fulfillment as an athlete and as a person.

You are looking in the wrong place

Podcast with Nimrod Messiah

Making a change - conversations with people who reinvent themselves every time

A good place for emotions

Podcast with Nimrod Messiah

An important chapter on the quality of emotion and how it affects our perception of self-worth

On Any Given Day

Podcast with Nimrod Messiah

An in-depth conversation about my comeback to surfing, about success at the highest levels of the industry and more...

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