Tools and Habits Change Lives

What I'm about to say may unsettle some of you...

I believe that motivation is

the lowest level of action.

Each of us knows the feeling: days when we are on top of the world and everything flows, versus days when everything seems impossible. But the truth is, everything is possible. The question is not "Can I?", but "How can I?". The food we eat, the air we breathe, the dreams we dream - all affect our energy and our ability to achieve our goals. The game is not just how we react, but also which tools we use. Therefore, I have prepared for you a series of posts in which I will delve into these tools - tools that help me, and many others, change the game. Because ultimately, life is the grand game we play and the time to win it has come!



Breathing is everything!
It’s the first thing we did when we were born and the last thing we’ll do before we leave.
It happens automatically without our awareness, and it can be the tool into which we bring awareness and completely change our reality!
To escape from feelings of distraction and scatterbrain โ€“ 10 slow, conscious breaths, following the air in and out, will bring our mind to presence, signaling to the body that everything is under control and calming the overall system.
To raise fire and alertness โ€“ spare half a minute, and breathe consciously at a short and rapid pace!
Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


How to control the reality of our lives through the body?

Every body posture generates a different sense of realityโ€ฆ
Every emotion has a physical connection, and vice versa, every physical state has an emotional reaction. This is one of the great secrets of performers.
Slow and circular movement creates a comfortable and calming realityโ€ฆ it moves us to a mode of tranquility and helps us release the mind and the tension accumulated in the body I like to stretch in every direction, as if to expand the rooms within the body, to create space!
A movement that helps us mobilize and build focus will be an escalating movement that requires the system to engage.
It can start very small and can take over the whole body. Challenging our balance and creating movement that increases body heat.
Sometimes I combine the two, and sometimes I simply respond to my need, to what will gear me to the ZONE.
Those familiar with the world of yoga know that after a cycle of Sun Salutations, everything falls into place!
The body is ready but also serene.
And for those who don’t have yoga and conscious movement in their lives, don’t worry… the body knows. If the need arises to balance yourselves, let the body lead the change.
I invite you to simply examine it, discover your body’s energetic buttons!
Together with GAME CHANGER #1, you can really create the frequency you’re looking for!


Before going out

Connect inward!

Do you agree with the following fact?
We almost never live by choice.
Most of our lives pass through predefined reactions. Every emotion has its automatic response we’ve created over the years. In almost every situation, we will behave the same way.. In every encounter with a statement that doesn’t match our world view, we react without really listening and feeling the other side.
So too in events and moments with great significance, such as important meetings, a decisive game, a fateful sail, a lecture, etc.
When talking about the ZONE dimension and peak performance, the main foundation will be presence.
The ZONE dimension is a rare state where all our potential is accessible without the limiting patterns of belief and behavior. The ability to react from the moment and not from the automatic will almost always be the significant difference between the good and the best!
Passive meditation is designed to create a gap between the thoughts flying in our mind and our awareness.
The more we practice this dimension, close our eyes, and listen to the breath coming in and out, while at the same time observing our thoughts, right there we will train the muscle of presence.
The deeper we go into it, we’ll understand that we are not our thoughts.
Slowly we will regain control even in real life “outside” and experience a more “clean” reality from conditions. We will react from the moment and not from the known in advance, we will see opportunities and encounter new situations, and most importantly we will know ourselves.
The morning is the most significant moment to practice observation, before the habits and automation of our lives awaken, it is the time to stop the train and take back control.
If 15 minutes feels like an eternity, even 2 minutes of observational practice can be your GAME CHANGER!


How to create focus in a world full of distractions by writing?

Writing is a crazy tool when you recognize its ability to focus our mind.
Targeted writing will be writing about my vision, my goals, to create for myself a picture of where I want to get to.
The question always arises, why? I know what I want, so what’s the point?? And this is exactly the place to activate the muscles of the mind so that the rest of the day will be highly focused and we will overcome the daily distractions.
It’s a reminder to our mind of what we’re really looking for from our day, an insane Game Changer! Ending writing with a simple list of goals for the day and choosing the order of goals based on your energy levels.
If you’re on a high-energy day, it’s easy to start with “the big rocks”… but if the energy “starts” slowly.. I really don’t recommend the “big rocks model” and starting light and non-challenging will put the mind in execution and a positive momentum.
Writing also has a meditative side that knows how to activate our intuition muscles and release stress and disturbing thoughts. When our mind is troubled and overwhelmed, our performance will decrease or we will feel the difficulty in maintaining high levels of performance.
Free writing without any definition or focus will do the action that sometimes meditation can’t do. It’s another tool to clean our consciousness and allow our intuition and creativity muscles a place. Just start writingโ€ฆ put down a word and another word and release the pen and mind to write without criticism, it’s a wonderful exercise that allows us to observe all the noise that lives in us.
If it’s hard for you to focus on the goals, it’s worth starting with free writing and then returning to targeted writing.
In the next post in the series, I will talk about a kind of active meditation, which is a visual and sensory continuation of the writing – building a mental image.


Active Meditation.

The big secret.

Every reality that exists in our reality is a product of a thought backed by emotion.
When we internalize and create for ourselves a script supported by feelings, we create an inner reality.
Our mind is an infinite machine, we can feel, see, smell, and feel the place where we want to be, feel as if we are already there even if we have never been there before.
From this place, our whole existence is tuned, we start living our script without the need for searching for sporadic doses of motivation. The great wonder happens when suddenly we see and understand reality differently, it will happen especially when we relax completely, as if we forget our goals, we allow life to come to us.
A simple formula:
– Script
– Senses
– Emotion
– Presence and Release
Perhaps the most important tip in this entire series is to remember that these tools are here to serve us, not the other way around.
Routine can be wonderful and life-changing when we are in choice and presence!
The gap between the feeling of enslavement to routine and the feeling of great magic is very subtle!!
Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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